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Arda İnceoğlu

Prof. Dr.

+ 90 212 395 3648

Arda İnceoğlu received his B.Arch degree from Istanbul Technical University at 1989. Worked in the Mumbai office of Charles Correa. Received his M Arch degree from NCSU College of Design where he studied with a Fulbright Scholarship. Upon graduation he received the AIA medal of the school. Taught architectural design studios and architectural theory courses at ITU between 1992–2013 and at NCSU College of Design between 2001-2002 and 2013-2014. Joined MEF University at 2014 the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture as the founding Dean. Beyond his architectural research and education, has been involved in the practice of architecture. Some of his completed works include Pamukkale Tennis Club (with Deniz Aslan), Müşkülüm Çiftliği (with İpek Yürekli and Trafo Mimarlar), ITU Beylerbeyi Primary School (with İpek Yürekli and Trafo Mimarlar). He has received a number of awards in architectural and urban design competitions, including second prize in the international competition for the canopy of Göbeklitepe in 2012 and first prize in Balıkesir Çamlık national competition. Has also received the Project Award of the Chamber of Architects’ at 2002 with the ABS Headquarters building (with İpek Yürekli, Deniz Aslan, Cem Altun and Sevim Aslan).


Selected Projects

Pamukkale Tenis Kulübü.jpg

with Deniz Aslan


with İpek Yürekli and Trafo Architects


with İpek Yürekli, Suna Birsen Otay and Trafo Architects

First Prize

Çamlık Urban Design Competition Project

MEF FADA Design and Build! Studio Projects

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Media Archive

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