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I’ll ask you to prepare a brief presentation about your proposals for the upcoming Design and Build! project...

Who will we be the next speaker of FADA Talks?

Fortunately there wes no queue at FADA Lab, otherwise..

Right this part of my model was smashed in the bus.

Are you really sure about the contour lines of your site?



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The culture we have at FADA is based on sharing and co-production, involving both students and academic staff. This culture develops in our unique sharing place, the second house of our students, FADA Hangar.


FADA Hangar enables all students of the faculty to make studios at the same time. Design of the hangar enables different uses and changes. 

Sarı Oda

"Open Microphone"


Sarı Oda?


-This channel will remain open 24/7 and we will meet you under the title of “Open Microphone” in order to solve the problems experienced by students. “Academic Meetings”


-We will organize meetings with our guests and we will announce the dates and times via social media. “Student Meetings”


- Conversations will be held with the participation of experienced students such as students who have done their internships abroad, new graduates, double major students….

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