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Melike Beşik

Research Assistant

Melike Beşik holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Bahçeşehir University and a Masters Degree from Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Design Masters Program. Her research interests revolve around the politics of space, spatial narration, and model-making. She has conducted several projects in these frameworks including her Master's thesis titled “Architectures of Elusion: Narrating The Plurality of Political Spaces.” She is currently part of the research community of The After School, a year-long residency program that critically constitutes deschooled educational spaces, organized by Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR). She works as a research assistant at MEF University Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture since 2024.


Selected Projects


Yale Paprika! Mimesis | Volume 9, Issue 01 October 17, 2023


“Researching beyond words; Investigating architectural research by drawing” Symposium

Exhibition, Lyon, France, 30.11-1.12.2023

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