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Benek Çinçik

Head of Interior Design Department

Assist. Prof. Dr.

Benek Çinçik holds a BSc in Interior Architecture and Architecture and a MSc in Architectural Design from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She was awarded the ECA PhD scholarship and completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in 2021. Her doctoral thesis entitled “Planetary Imaginations and the Anthropocene: Tracing Geoaesthetic Acts between 1968-1972” mainly traces lineages of Anthropocene aesthetics in the late 1960s and early 70s and reveals a speculative prehistory of Anthropocenic imagery in art and architecture through relating theories from environmental humanities, geophilosophy, and Anthropocene studies. She worked as a research and teaching assistant in the Interior Architecture Department at the ITU between 2010–2016 and as a tutor at the University of Edinburgh between 2016-2019. She taught interior and architectural design studios at undergraduate levels at ITU and University of Edinburgh. Together with Tiago Torres-Campos, she co-chaired the international symposium 'Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation' in 2017 and co-edited the book carrying the same title which was published by DPR-Barcelona in 2022.

MEF FADA Design and Build! Studio Projects

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