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Buket Samancı

Research Assistant

Buket Samancı received her undergraduate degree from Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Architecture in 2021. She worked at multiple architectural offices as a long-term and short-term intern architect while having her bachelor's degree. Last semester of her graduation year, she attended a graduate study of research collaboration with METU&TUDelft. After her graduation, she directly started her graduate studies at Istanbul Technical University(ITU) Architectural Design Program in 2021. She is mainly researching post-human studies in architecture and participating in international workshops. She worked as a research assistant at Beykent University for a year. Since 2022 October, she is working at MEF University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture as a research assistant.

Selected Projects

A Reading of Flow Between Layers and Entities

An experimental narrative for oddly way of living together

With Erinç Sarıbaş, Ezgi Küçükpehlivan, Mübeccel Kaya, Samet Yılmaz and Yiğit Yolcu

World(s) we don’t call ‘home’ 

Ligne D’horizon

Strasbourg Initiative: European Strategic Planning Agency: A Think-Tank Building

with Işıl İzlem Yaz and Yaşar Emir Karcı

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