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Eda Yeyman


Eda Yeyman received her interior architecture degree from Istanbul Technical University in 2011 ranking first in class. In 2013 she completed her double major program in Istanbul Technical University and received her architecture undergraduate degree. During her education she worked at Pab Architects on various architectural projects and exhibitions. She received her M Arch degree from University of Pennsylvania where she studied with Fulbright scholarship.  She worked as teaching assistant at design studios at both University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan. In 2015 summer she worked at CAP-Contemporary Architecture Practice located at Shanghai on architectural publications and interior design projects. She received another master’s degree (M.Sc) from ITU Architectural Design Program in 2018. Currently she is a PhD student at Istanbul Techical University Architectural Design Program. Since 2016 summer, she is working at MEF University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture as a research assistant. 


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