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Ayşe Zeynep Aydemir

Assist. Prof. Dr.

She holds a joint PhD in Architecture (2017) from KU Leuven and Istanbul Technical University. Her doctoral research titled ‘Experiments, Practices and Positions in Architectural Design Studio’ focuses on pedagogical experiments, design studio practices and curricular positions through reviews, actions and interviews to explore the trajectory of educational advance in architecture.

Currently, she is a Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher as a TUBITAK scholar in the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art, and an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the MEF University Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture. Previously, she was a Visiting Researcher (2014-2016) and a Tutor (2015) at KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture.
She holds B.Arch (2008) and MSc in Architectural Design (2011) from Istanbul Technical University, where she previously worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant (2010-2017). 
Her postdoctoral project investigates how design research translates into architectural practice and education, and her research interests include new pedagogies and new production techniques, design research, living laboratories, design-build studios, bottom-up approaches, co-create, discovery and experimenting in architectural design studios.

Selected Projects


Mention Award

with Irem Mollaahmetoglu, Ferhan Yürekli, Hakan Sakarya


with Bihter Almaç

selected for the d3 exhibition in UDESIGN Monterrey, exhibited at Fordham University's Center Gallery


Compasso Volante Competition 2010

with Ipek Baycan, Bora Ozkus, Bengi Guldogan;
with the tutorship of Arzu Erdem and Ipek Yurekli

Mention Award


London Festival of Architecture.jpg

in London Festival of Architecture, 2019


in Royal Collage of Art, 2020


in Royal Collage of Art, 2018

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